I'm performing some work for a client and wish to create Docker containers to scale my test automation environments in order to reduce my feedback loop.

I'm using the below set-up:

  • O/S: Windows 7
  • Interface: Oracle VirtualBox 5.2.8
  • Docker Version: 18.03.0-ce
  • Network: On client network, so no access to Docker Hub or the like as restricted. Using Boot2Docker ISO to run Docker Quickstart Terminal

When i run Docker Quickstart Terminal i get the below meesage during set-up:

This machine has been allocated an IP address, but Docker Machine could not reach it successfully. SSH for the machine should still work, but connecting to exposed ports, such as the Docker daemon port (usually :2376), may not work properly.

It then goes on to say

Error checking TLS connection: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host "":

While i can play with Docker, and build images/run containers, i really need my Jenkins instance, which sits on the windows host, to be able to access the Docker host so it can spin up containers as and when needed (See [https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Docker+Plugin).

I have scoured the internet, and tried numerous fixes. One included changing the port to 2375 - However, i have since learned this is an unsecure port and as such, not suitable for my client.

I am a bit restricted in what i can do due to my O/S and the lack of access to Docker Hub/Github. While i can't change my O/S, it's might be a possibility to get a later version of the Docker Toolbox if needed.

My windows host can ping the Docker Host IP no problems, it just can't access that port. I have checked the certs on both my machine and within the Docker Host (within the Boot2Docker folder) and they both match exactly.

The only thing i can think is that my client has some security around this particular port or the connection i am trying to make.

Just to note, i am very new to Docker, so it's possible that my understanding is incorrect. Also, this is all on my laptop, because i always build everything locally to make sure it works before deploying to any servers etc.

I also have access to Git Bash which i have used to run various docker-machine commands, albeit to no luck.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this? Or provide any advice on how i can circumvent this issue?

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