I have a program that uses pygame for its graphics that works perfectly on python 3.7. However, when I switch to python 3.6.5 (for tensorflow compatibility) the window is just gray. Answers to similar questions have suggested that events aren't being handled, but I know pygame is handling events since key presses cause correct actions to occur. Running Pygame 1.9.4 and python 3.6.5_1 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.1. I have also tried switching to low-resolution mode (since I have a retina display). This has increased performance significantly for pygame 1.9.4 on python 3.7, but has no effect for pygame 1.9.4 on python 3.6.

UPDATE: It does not work on 3.7.1, only 3.7.0. I would think it was an issue with SDL, but the fact that it works on some python versions but not others (with the same pygame version) makes me wonder if there is another reason.

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