I am using swagger-codegen-maven-plugin to generate Java classes based on swagger.yaml spec.

I have added a property phoneNum in the swagger.yaml as below:

    type: number

I am expecting it generate the property with Integer or Long datatype.
But it got generated as BigDecimal phoneNum;

As per the swagger docs, it was mentioned to use format: int64

    type: number
    format: int64

But still, it ends up generating private BigDecimal phoneNum;

If anyone of you have faced similar issue and have a workaround, please share it here.

Thank you.


In order to generate a Long property you have to use integer as type and int64 as format

    type: integer
    format: int64

Looking at AbstractJavaCodegen I think there is no way to generate a Timestamp property.
The only available types are:

  • org.threeten.bp.LocalDate
  • org.threeten.bp.OffsetDateTime
  • org.joda.time.LocalDate
  • org.joda.time.DateTime
  • java.time.LocalDate
  • java.time.LocalDateTime
  • java.time.OffsetDateTime
  • java.util.Date

Here's a way to convert OffsetDateTime to Timestamp

OffsetDateTime dateTime = OffsetDateTime.now();
Timestamp timestamp = Timestamp.valueOf(dateTime.atZoneSameInstant(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toLocalDateTime());

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