I am trying to serve few static HTML files from a Google AppEngine Flexible service (not the default service) but I get the below error:

 "code": 5,
 "message": "Method does not exist.",
 "details": [
   "@type": "type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.DebugInfo",
   "stackEntries": [],
   "detail": "service_control"

The OpenApi is defined to allow only requests that are configured, i.e. x-google-allow is not specified in the OpenApi configuration file and defaults to "configured".

How do I allow access to the static resources in a particular folder without having to define each url to a file in OpenApi?

Additional information:

The service hosts Jersey 1.x which is configured to serve requests matching /*. I have configured requests to /static/* to be served by the default servlet. I have not configured any handlers in app.yaml and don't think this is required for AppEngine Flexible.




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