I am planning to install the latest version SQL Server Management Studio SSMS 2017 and trying to use the same local server name which was on SSMS 2014.

So I uninstalled SSMS 2014 then install SSMS 2017. After the installation complete, I am not able to login to my local server by using the same credential.

I have checked SQL Server 2017 Configuration Manager, there is nothing under the SQL Server services.

SQL Server 2017 Config manager

And there is nothing under the registered servers.

registered servers

Need help to retrieve my local server name, or guide how to recreate a new server name.


  • Are you sure you uninstalled SSMS 2014 and not SQL Server 2014? The fact that you cannot see the instance in th configuration Manager strongly suggests so. – Larnu Nov 11 '18 at 12:37
  • I think I uninstalled SQL Server 2014, which means I need install SQL server 2017 rather than SSMS 2017. Can fix the issue? – Felix JIN Nov 11 '18 at 12:45
  • That depends, do you have licenses for 2017? SSMS 2017 is compatible with SQL SERVER 2008 -2017, so you can use it against a 2014 instance. Either way though, you won't get the databases you uninstalled back. – Larnu Nov 11 '18 at 13:09
  • I don't have the Licenses for 2017, but I can reinstall 2014 back. When I am trying to load the database created from SSMS 2017 in 2014, the version is compatible. That is why I am trying to uninstall 2014 and install 2017. – Felix JIN Nov 11 '18 at 22:03
  • If you don't have licenses for 2017, and do for 2014, why are you installing 2017? That would be a breach of the license agreement. SSMS is free, but SQL Server (apart from Express and Developer) is not. If you have purchased licences for 2014 they aren't transferable to 2017. – Larnu Nov 11 '18 at 22:13

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