Anyone here using a case tool for programming in a corporate environment? I am using AllFusion Gen aka IEF\Composer\Cool:Gen from Computer Associates.


This page contains an index of CASE tools: http://www.unl.csi.cuny.edu/faqs/software-enginering/tools.html

This may be a good place to start out.


We use enterprise architect from Sparx Systems.

It's amazingly well priced and has one of the most comprehensive feature sets of all case tools.

It also allows you to use centralized model storage in a RDBMS which means it's excellent for collaboration.

Also some of the use case metric for project estimation is invaluable.


Do yourself a favor and get rid of that tool. Go get a copy of ER/Studio by Embarcadero. I've tried several, and right now I am stuck moving some stuff between ER/Studio and coolgen. Gen loses, hands down.

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