I have a code that changes the sensitivity of a gtk.Button to False once the action clicked is fired. After a background process finishes I want to change it back to True but for some reason it doesn't work.

The function I call to change it is the bellow show_dialog. Printing the button object gives me that:

<Gtk.Button object at 0x7ff41b1bed38 (GtkButton at 0x1f0cf80)>

Trying to set the label and the sensitivity as shown do not work. What intrigues me is that the success dialog executed after that works perfectly. All widgets come from a .glade file.

Is there anything I'm missing here?

def show_dialog(self):
    button = self.builder.get_object('button')
    success_dialog = self.builder.get_object('parse_success_dialog')
    response = success_dialog.run()
    if response == Gtk.ResponseType.OK:

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Modifications in the widgets of the main window cannot be done outside the main thread. The method of the question was being executed in a Handler class, that way it could not modify the button from the main window. The solution for this problem was the creation of a idle-add call that calls a function in the main window and modifies the button.

So in the Handler I have (note that the function comes from the window):


And in the window class I put all the function show_dialog.

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