I am migrating an application from websphere application server 7.x to 8.5. Application is based on Java and EJB. When migrating the application I have recompiled the source code in Java 8 and deployed the application in 8.5 with same JNDI configurations as in 7.x. But I am facing an issue while sending resonse message into one external MQ getting 2085 MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME error.

Same code is working fine in 7.x with Java 6 without any issue. Do I need to do any specific configuration in 8.5. Response Queue is Clustered Queue and its not configured in Client Application server its derived from MQ message.

  • Is this pointing to exactly same host and queue manager? Or some newly added to cluster queue manager? Was the response queue clustered in v7 configuration also? Did you check this page – Gas Nov 13 at 8:38
  • @gas yes Response Queue was clustered in v7 configuration as well. Also we haven't configured that response in Application Server JNDI. – springbootlearner Nov 13 at 12:36

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