I have two R files in my shiny dashboard app. global.R and app.R.

Under global.R I have the following structure.

ShedArea <- c("Shed 1", "Shed 2", "Shed 3","Shed 4")
SeedsReceived_KGS <- c(14,24,8,19)
DF <- data.frame(ShedArea,SeedsReceived_KGS,stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
shed_area <- unique(DF$ShedArea)
mean_seeds <- mean(DF$SeedsReceived_KGS)

In app.R, I've implemented a pickerInput where one can select a single or all sheds, and a valueBoxOutput to display the mean of the selected shed or of all sheds.

Contents of app.R.


pickerInput(inputId = "shed", label = "Select Shed", choices = shed_area, selected = shed_area, options = list(`actions-box` = TRUE),multiple = TRUE)


output$av_seeds_received <- renderValueBox({
filter(DF, ShedArea==input$shed) %>%
valueBox("Seeds Received", round(mean_seeds, digits=2))

When I runApp(), I get an Error: Expected an object with class 'shiny.tag'.

How do I go about resolving this, so that when the a shed is selected, the mean value of seeds received is displayed?

  • First of all you need filter(DF, ShedArea %in% input$shed). See if this fixes the error. Also you need to calculate mean_seeds inside renderValueBox.
    – Shree
    Commented Nov 13, 2018 at 5:46
  • @Shree, I've made the adjustments and the value is appearing. mean of all sheds. However, when you select one shed, the mean value doesn't change. The filter isn't implementing. Might you know what could be the issue?
    – andy
    Commented Nov 13, 2018 at 8:19

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This may not solve OP's exact issue but I also got this cryptic error when I had icon = ("keyboard") in my tab code (instead of icon = icon("keyboard"))

Just leaving this here in case other people making this mistake get to this question from google like I did.


Here's what you probably need -

output$av_seeds_received <- renderValueBox({
  df <- filter(DF, ShedArea %in% input$shed)
  mean_seeds <- mean(df$SeedsReceived_KGS, na.rm = T) %>% round(2)
  valueBox(mean_seeds, "Seeds Received")
  • Why is this issue cropping up for so many people: Because no one expects to use valueBox() inside the renderValueBox() function on the server side. Commented Apr 12, 2021 at 10:44

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