Am working on legacy asp.net application and stuck with some issue. describing as below.

Here is an URL of my application, which is accessed in another application to get some content.


The application contains RegisterProduct.aspx page inside the folder.


Am using default page option(available in IIS) to redirect to RegisterProduct.aspx

When i access the URL https://www.Abcxyz.com/a2b/servlet/com.test.anon.RegisterProductPost?frmAction=generate2&frmSerialNumber=xxxx&frmReposCode=yyyy

it adds '/' in front of https://www.Abcxyz.com/a2b/servlet/com.test.anon.RegisterProductPost/

as shown in below url. https://www.Abcxyz.com/a2b/servlet/com.test.anon.RegisterProductPost/?frmAction=generate2&frmSerialNumber=xxxx&frmReposCode=yyyy

This causes multiple redirects. I need to avoid adding the '/' symbol from IIS level. Could you help me avoid appending the symbol using simple configuration?

Using Windows server 2012 and IIS 8.5

  • What is used to rewrite the URL? ASP.NET routing or IIS URL Rewrite module? Without knowing that, nobody can help. Edit your question to reveal that, and if either is used, show the routing rules. – Lex Li Nov 13 '18 at 13:25

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