I am creating a text editor using the gluon scene builder with java fx. The scene builder version is SceneBuilder-10.0.0 used with java version "10.0.1". I have a project to build a Text Editor. While building the components in the scene builder, (Please see image)

Scenebuilder scene

I have a file menu and a font menu. Under the Font menu, I have radio button menu items (monospaced, serif, sans-serif) and checkbox menu items (italic, bold). The application does not show the circular graphics next to the radio button menu item names, neither does it show the square graphics next to the checkbox menu item names. They operate perfectly, except for the invisible graphical representation (circle for radio buttons and boxes for checkboxes) next to the menu item names. What can I do to make these show-up? What properties do I need to modify in the scene-builder?

Please see the image for the comparison of the missing graphics and the one with the graphics. The left side is what I have and I want it to look like the right side.

Comparison of the missing graphics and the one with the graphics.

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