Is there any way to interpolate variable several times without repeating?

For example:

var name = "bla";
Console.WriteLine($"foo {name:repeat:2} bar")

to print

foo blabla bar

I'm particularly interested in interpolating several line breaks instead of repeating {Environment.NewLine} several times in the interpolation mask like this:


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public static string Repeat(this string s, int times, string separator = "")
    return string.Join(separator, Enumerable.Repeat(s, times));

Then use:

Console.WriteLine($"foo {name.Repeat(2)} bar")
  • I thought it could have been some out-of-the-box option for string interpolation. But if not your solution looks like the simplest alternative. Thanks Commented Nov 14, 2018 at 21:52

You could write an extension method for the string type, thats repeating its input. Then simply use this method within the curly braces.


You could also use

var name = "bla";
Console.WriteLine("foo {0}{0} bar", name);
// or
var s = String.Format("foo {0}{0} bar", name);

It will help you not repeating the same string, just index of it.

More about String Format

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