I want to parse the value from a source file by a specified template.

Let say, I have this:


<span id="id1">{value}</span>

Source file:

<h1>The source file can have other parts but will contain the specified template structure</h1>
<div>value 1</div>
<span id="id1">value 2</span>
<div>or a bit more complex content...<span>value 3</span><a>abc</a></div>
<h2>other file content again</h2>

The expected output is an array: [value 1, value 2, value 3]

Anyone know a NodeJS module for this purpose ?

Thank you!


It seems there is no lib for this purpose. I have my own solution by thinking another way, so the question should be: how can I parse the web content. And the answer is: we can use the xpath as what discussed here: Performant parsing of pages with Node.js and XPath

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