I'm using an Azure DevOps Pipeline to release an ASP.NET MVC system to an Azure Web App.

I've configured the build not to apply the XML transforms, so I can apply them later, during the release step, and the same build artefact can be released to multiple environments.

The build works fine, and I end up with an artefact containing an untransformed web.config, and the environment-specific transform files.

The Azure App Service Deploy task has a check-box called XML Transformation, which displays the following help text:

The config transforms will be run for *.Release.config and *.<EnvironmentName>.config on the *.config file. Config transforms will be run prior to the Variable Substitution. XML transformations are supported only for Windows platform.

At the moment I'm trying to set up a release into a test environment, but the Web.Release.config is being applied, rather than the Web.Test.config. I've searched everywhere I can find for a place to define the environment to make the release use the test config, but I can't find anywhere.

There's a similar question on GitHub which shows the following screenshot:

Environment Option

Unfortunately mine doesn't look like that:

enter image description here

Am I trying to do the right thing? If so, where do I set the environment?

  • Not sure about any case-sensitive like test and Testissue causing this? – Jayendran Nov 16 '18 at 2:26
  • "Deploy EMS to Test" is a just name of of your CD pipeline. Likewise "CloudProd" is the name for CD pipeline for GitHub question. – Ashish Jain Jan 10 at 9:58

You need to make sure your stage name is just 'Test' and not 'Deploy EMS to Test', reference here.

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