I created a local attribute on Part. The attribute is of Boolean type and is a synchronized attribute.

In my code, I'm trying to get the value of that attribute. Following the code:

PersistableAdapter  pa = new PersistableAdapter (product,null,null,null);
System.out.println("Value is:: "+ pa.get("isImageChanged"));

The value is in sys out is always coming as null. Am I missing anything here?

Windchill/FlexPLM V11

  • Are you sure product here is variable for WTPart object? – Vignesh Vino Feb 12 at 13:13

Your Logic is good, are you sure the internal name of attribute isImageChanged & object you have used in PersistableAdapter is correct? also you can try storing the value in Object and then typecast it to Boolean.


PersistableAdapter obj = new PersistableAdapter(my_persistable,null,null,null);
Object nameValue = obj.get(“name”);
  • I think I missed to sync from db after adding the db columns. AddColumns -syncFromDB – PKJ Jan 11 at 21:15
  • Yeah, that makes sense. – Srinivas MD Jan 13 at 0:35

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