When I run:

composer require hwi/oauth-bundle php-http/guzzle6-adapter php-http/httplug-bundle

It gives this error:

Problem 1 - Installation request for hwi/oauth-bundle ^0.6.3 -> satisfiable by hwi/oauth-bundle[0.6.3]. - hwi/oauth-bundle 0.6.3 requires php-http/httplug ^1.0 -> satisfiable by php-http/httplug[v1.0.0, v1.1.0]. - Can only install one of: php-http/httplug[v2.0.0, v1.0.0]. - Can only install one of: php-http/httplug[v2.0.0, v1.1.0]. - php-http/guzzle6-adapter v2.0.0 requires php-http/httplug ^2.0 -> satisfiable by php-http/httplug[v2.0.0]. - Installation request for php-http/guzzle6-adapter ^2.0 -> satisfiable by php-http/guzzle6-adapter[v2.0.0].

How do I fix this?

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    The error message is explaining the problem. hwi/oauth-bundle requires a version of php-http/httplug which is incompatible with php-http/guzzle6-adapter that you're also trying to install. You will need to find a version of hwi/... and guzzle6-... which both require the same version of php-http/httplug – Robbie Averill Nov 16 '18 at 11:19
  • thanks a lot robbie – Htou Nov 17 '18 at 16:08
  • @Htou, How you fixed this issue? – Irfan Momin Dec 4 '18 at 11:31
  • @ifran, I did not fix this issue, but someone from GitHub gave me a solution: github.com/hwi/HWIOAuthBundle/issues/1448 – Htou Jan 7 at 20:09

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