I need to point Nova path to a resouce. So that when a user login, he`ll directed to that particular resource.

I have updated this path in /config/nova.php:

'path' => '/crm/resources/clients' 

Now after login, I can see the URL updated. But the page is still Welcome Nova page.

Any idea on this?


The path settings in config/nova.php is the URI path where Nova will be accessible from. For example if you set path' => '/crm, then client resource index URL will be /crm/resources/clients instead of /nova/resources/clients. It doesn't control the login redirect path.

You can edit the redirectPath() function in nova/src/Http/Controllers/LoginController.php.

public function redirectPath()
    return Nova::path() . '/resources/clients';

Important : I'm not sure whether editing file under nova folder is a good practice. In future when update the version the changes may override. So please be aware of it.

  • I have updated redirect path, but the problem is, when I access example.com/crm it still goes to default dashboard page of Nova, actually it is expected to go to one of the resource page according to requirements. Any idea how to make it possible? – Vineeth Vijayan Nov 19 '18 at 8:29
  • @VineethVijayan Never tried before. Try to find which controller function the dashboard page calls & edit it. – Saumini Navaratnam Nov 19 '18 at 16:16

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