I am working on a homework assignment and I would like to make sure I am thinking about the problem properly. Our professor wants us to modify a stooge sort. This is the algorithm she gave us.

Algorithm StoogeSort(A, i, j ):
    Input: An array, A, and two indices, i and j, such that 1 <= i <= j < n
    Output: Subarray, A[i..j] ,sorted in nondecreasing order
    1.  n = j – i + 1   // The size of the subarray we are sorting
    2.  if n = 2 then
    3.      if A[i] > A[j] then Swap A[i] and A[j]
    4.      else if n > 2 then
    5.      m = n/3
    6.      StoogeSort(A, i,  j-m)   // Sort the 1st part.
    7.      StoogeSort(A, i+m,  j)  // Sort the last part.
    8.      StoogeSort(A, i,  j-m)   //  Sort the 1st part again.
    9.  return A

She wants us to edit the algorithm so m = Max(1,n/4). Would that not make the recurrence equation T(n)=3T(2n/4) + 1? Thank you for your assistance.

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