Following code for passing an object to event handler is not working:

$('a.another').live('click', function(e, data) {
        alert(data); // **alerts '[{isMachineClick:true}]'**
        alert(data.isMachineClick); // **alerts 'undefined'**

$('a.another').trigger('click', "[{isMachineClick:true}]");

Please have a look at this.

PS: solution provided at link pass an object through jquery trigger is not working, so posting a new thread.


You're passing only a string, and what's more the JSON inside the string is an array, not an object. Try this:

$('a.another').live('click', function(e, data) {

$('a.another').trigger('click', [{isMachineClick:true}]);

UPDATE: Didn't realize how this worked: using an array is correct, and each additional item becomes another argument. This is the correct code:

$('a.another').live('click', function(e, data, data2) {



$('a.another').trigger('click', [{isMachineClick:true}, {someOtherThing:false}]);
  • hey Luke, thxs for the reply. I tested your code, no alert is coming. please check it. I will really appreciate if you point me an example showing how to pass an array, object and JSON to an event handler. – Arjun Mar 17 '11 at 6:45
  • With the most recent version of jQuery (at least 1.x), can you not replace the .live() method with .bind() now? – Con Antonakos Apr 4 '14 at 20:32

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