public static <T> void func1(T[][] arr) {

public static <T> void func2(T[] arr) {

I'm trying to pass a 2-dimensional array, int[][] arr.

I cannot use func1(arr) , but I can use func2(arr)

Can someone explain me how this works?

T[] represents an array of some generic object. Any array type (including int[]) is an object. Therefore, int[][] is a valid T[] when T = int[].

However, because int is not an object, int[][] is not a valid T[][].

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    To expand on this, you could change it to Integer[][] arr; and it should work. – LadyCailin Nov 17 at 22:28
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    @LadyCailin true, but in most cases when you need multi-dimensional arrays, it is really bad idea to use wrapper types – user1643723 Nov 18 at 6:25

If you you use Integer instead of int, you should be able to:

  • call func1 with Integer[][] arr
  • call func2 with Integer[] arr or Integer[][] arr

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