I am trying to work on searching a word on the pdf which is rendered through the drawLayer. Can any one suggest how I should find a word on a pdf and the position (co-ordinates) of the word on the page? Is there any free framework to import or any libraries available? After spending more time with google I found some samples to search a word on pdf; those are fastsamplepdf from github, random ideas

I seen fastsample pdf code; I understood only the parsing of the pdf to text using

+(MFDocumentManager *)documentManagerWithFilePath:
    (NSString *)filePath; 


-(NSString *)wholeTextForPage:
    (NSUInteger)pageNr withProfile:(MFProfile *)p;

But I can't find how they are highlighted. Please can any one help me out with this. Please post some suggestions. Thank you.



PDF search on the iPhone

PDF Manipulation on iPhone SDK

Which are the pdf operators needed to do a search feature in a PDF in iphone sdk?

  • thank you mihir..i ll see and try to implement.upto now i tried pdf parsing and achieved so i can navigate to which pages the word contains... – ajay Mar 17 '11 at 14:00

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