I am using a custom edge when creating a graph for routes of flights, my custom edge extends DefaultEdge, and to give the edge a weight, I used the cost for flight. This worked fine, but when I extended DefaultWeightedEdge, and set weights for each edge, it started giving me different results. So I want to know if DijkstraShortestPath requires the edge to be weighted, and is there a way to make it use the cost as the weight?

Thank you.


DijkstraShortestPath uses the getEdgeWeight(E e) method of the graph to compute the shortest paths. Make sure that your graph is (1) weighted (graph.getType().isWeighted()) and that (2) your edge weights are correctly set. If you have a graph with multiple edge weights (e.g. travel cost and travel time) and you want to find both the least costly path and the time-wise shortest path, you can use the AsWeightedGraph view for that, i.e. you don't have to duplicate your graph or overwrite the edge weights.

  • I set the weight by having my custom edge class extend DefaultWeightedEdge, everything if fine now – Taha Nov 29 '18 at 6:01

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