First of all, I am an Android newbie trying to get Hello World to run in Android Studio, but without any success, however, I am a reasonably experienced Java developer. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit and have setup Android Studio, and have installed Genymotion. I have installed Oracle VirtualBox and have a VM of Windows7 running without a problem. I uninstalled KVM just in case of any conflicts.

I have created a new Genymotion Virtual Device, but it will not run. I get a "The virtual device got no IP address" error about which there are many posts. However, I do not think the problem is anything to do with networking because I do not think the VM is starting properly. When I start the VM manually in VirtualBox I get a whole load of failures right from the beginning - see the following screenshot: VirtualBox screenshot Even though I don't think it is anything to do with networking I have carried out the following as suggested in various posts:

  • Checked that the Network Adapter is attached to Host-Only Adapter, and that Promiscuous Mode is Allow VMs, the cable is connected, and the adapter is enabled
  • I have checked the DHCP settings as per other posts
  • The Machine Type is Linux, and the Version is Other Linux (64-bit)
  • I have restarted VirtualBox, and the version is 5.2.22
  • I have tried a different Virtual Device from Genymotion (version 2.12.2 for Personal Use)

I am not sure if I need to register a Licence Key if I am using the Personal Use version of Genymotion, but I haven't registered a key.

Any help would be appreciated to get the VM to run.

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