I am writing custom rules using SonarQube to scan properties and config files. Can you please guide me how to write this custom code.

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There is a plugin for java properties file https://github.com/racodond/sonar-jproperties-plugin. You can fork it and write your custom rules. Here is an example rule wich checks for not allowed key and value combination

public class KeyValueCheck extends DoubleDispatchVisitorCheck {
    private static final String SIMPLE_IS_PATTERN_TEMPLATE = "(%s)";
    protected final Pattern patternKey;
    protected final Pattern patternValue;
    private final String VIOLATION_MESSAGE;
    private final boolean matches;
    boolean checkValue = false;

    public KeyValueCheck(String key, String value, String message, boolean matches) {
        VIOLATION_MESSAGE = message;
        this.matches = matches;
        this.patternKey = Pattern.compile(String.format(SIMPLE_IS_PATTERN_TEMPLATE, key), Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);
        this.patternValue = Pattern.compile(String.format(SIMPLE_IS_PATTERN_TEMPLATE, value), Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);

    public void visitKey(KeyTree tree) {
        Matcher matcher = patternKey.matcher(tree.text());
        if (matcher.matches()) {
            checkValue = true;


    public void visitValue(ValueTree tree) {
        if (checkValue) {
            Matcher matcher = patternValue.matcher(tree.text());
            if (matches == patternValue.matcher(tree.text()).matches()) {
                addPreciseIssue(tree, VIOLATION_MESSAGE);

            checkValue = false;

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