I am trying to check if cookie is stored or not. If not existing, it returns all the stored cookies in an application. It's supposed to be null, right?

$cookie = $request->cookie(config('app.name' .'_VERIFIED'));

This code above, if cookie is not existing, returns all stored cookies. If existing, then it will return the value. I want a null value if not existing.

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What you want is the default behavior of laravel. But if the first parameter of $request->cookie() is null it will return all cookie values. You have to make sure that you always get a value from config('app.name' .'_VERIFIED')


The way method $request->cookie work is, when you past a key to the cookie function, It will call the cookie method which is define in Illuminate\Http\Concerns Concern which call the retrieveItem method which take the cookies is define like this

 protected function retrieveItem($source, $key, $default){}

the $source parameter will set to cookies and the $key will be set to the key you past, if the key is set to null, it will return all content of the cookie object. if $key is not null it will call the method get on the cookies source which is of type \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\ParameterBag like define in the \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request which is the class that Illuminate\Http\Request class extends. Which return the content of key depending of it value.

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