I was reading ES spec and found that Array.of() uses this to create a new instance. Array.of ( ...items )

Note 2: The of function is an intentionally generic factory method; it does not require that its this value be the Array constructor. Therefore it can be transferred to or inherited by other constructors that may be called with a single numeric argument.

Then I tried to create using Object as this, as following. However, it creates Number instance while the others like Date, RegExp or my classes create own instances.

const arr = Array.of.apply(Object, ['Hey']);

console.log(arr instanceof Number); // => true
console.log(Object.prototype.toString.apply(arr)); // => '[object Number]'

Why is this arr not instance of Object but Number?

Spec: https://www.ecma-international.org/ecma-262/9.0/index.html#sec-array.of

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From the spec:

4. If IsConstructor(C) is true, then
  a. Let A be ? Construct(C, « len »).

Given that C is Object and you are passing one argument to Array.of, this is the same as doing

new Object(1)

which returns a Number object (because that's how Object is defined).

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