i have three double variable a ,b and c

a = 0.000006 
b = 6 
c = a/b;

so C should be 0.000001

i want to show this value in text box so i wrote

textbox.text = c.tostring();

but it's give result as "1E-06"..

Can anybody help me out how can i put correct value in textbox ?



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a = 0.000006;
b = 6;
c = a/b;

textbox.Text = c.ToString("0.000000");

As you requested:

textbox.Text = c.ToString("0.######");

This will only display out to the 6th decimal place if there are 6 decimals to display.

  • I don't want to give all time decimal mean if a= 6 / b= 2 then c should be 3 not 3.000000
    – Kartik
    Feb 10, 2009 at 20:13

Try c.ToString("F6");

(For a full explanation of numeric formatting, see MSDN)

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