I'm calling a procedure with an argument which is an integer_64. I implemented a WATT class which can create it from an INTEGER_64 and it seems the execution stops when reached this point, where am I wrong?

Catcall detected for argument#1args': expected TUPLE [!WATT] but got TUPLE [INTEGER_64]`


Attached case (Update)

Actually when checking with syntax

attached {INTEGER_64} my_watt_object as l_int

enter image description here

it doesn't pass either... is it the expected behaviour?

Actually it seems for me that the semantic cases are the same which have to validate the conformity step... for me (but seems not to be the case for the definition of the language between conformance/conformity) which says

Conformance and convertibility are exclusive of each other, p.87

Is the conformance rule valid for a type which defines as convert a type to another which is my case from WATT to INTEGER_64?

  • Can you show the signature of set_from_json_object? Also resize the grid columns, so feature names are fully displayed. – Jocelyn Nov 21 at 11:02
  • @Jocelyn thx, hope this time you got all informations – Pipo Nov 21 at 12:47
  • I forgot about this post, but in your first screenshot you call a routine agent set_charge that accepts WATT with an INTEGER_64 arguments. So the catcall message is expected. For your "update", the implicit conversion is not applied for object test local (otherwise it would be impossible to do if attached {INTEGER_64} ... elseif attached {WATT} ... ). – Jocelyn Dec 3 at 9:35
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In Eiffel, the conversion specified by the language works only at compile time. It applies if the source of a reattachment does not conform to the target of the reattachment at compile time and there is the corresponding conversion feature.

No automatic conversion is performed at run-time. If you need this functionality, you need to implement it yourself. In your example, if the argument type is WATT, you need to call the conversion from INTEGER_64 to WATT explicitly, and pass the object of type WATT, not INTEGER_64.

  • thx thats what I finally did is there a reason why? – Pipo Dec 3 at 11:26
  • 1
    Eiffel is a compiled language, there is no interpreter that evaluates types, performs checks and conversions at run-time dynamically. – Alexander Kogtenkov Dec 3 at 11:54

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