I have a plugin in some pages but in some other pages I don't want it so I didn't reference its script file.

How to check if the plugin functions exist before using it.

In my case I am using this plugin: and I use it like this:

$('#marquee-inner div').marquee('pointer').mouseover(function() {
}).mouseout(function() {
}).mousemove(function(event) {
    if ($(this).data('drag') == true) {
        this.scrollLeft = $(this).data('scrollX') + ($(this).data('x') - event.clientX);
}).mousedown(function(event) {
    $(this).data('drag', true).data('x', event.clientX).data('scrollX', this.scrollLeft);
}).mouseup(function() {
    $(this).data('drag', false);

What I want is to make a check before calling this marquee function if it exist or not.

if ($.fn.marquee) {
    // there is some jquery plugin named 'marquee' on your page

You can also do this. Let me take jQuery marquee example.

This is good if you are using only jQuery.

if($().marquee) {
    // marquee is loaded and available


if($.fn.marquee !== undefined) {
    // marquee is loaded and available

Similar to above but Safe when you are using other JS frameworks Mootools etc.

if(jQuery().marquee) {
    // marquee is loaded and available


if(jQuery.fn.marquee !== undefined) {
    // marquee is loaded and available
  • It would be better use of !== "undefined" since !== and === compare direct to the string type of the object. so basically what you are compare is the string type, I know is work but maybe would be more "correct" to use the quotes... – ncubica Jun 19 '13 at 17:33

Slightly better:

if ($.isFunction($.fn.marquee)) {
    // ...

Maybe a little overkill, but this will ensure that it's at least a function.

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