I have seen a few questions asked involving trying to convert a pdf into a png but none of the answers show how to save each page of a multi-paged pdf as a different png file.

Starting out with an example 13-page pdf:

# exmaple pdf 
example_pdf <- "https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1312/1312.2789.pdf"

How can I save each page of the pdf as a different png file?

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We can create a png of each page using the image_read_pdf function from the magick package:

#install magick package

# creating magick-image class with a png for each page of the pdf
pages <- magick::image_read_pdf(example_pdf)

# saving each page of the pdf as a png
j <- 1:13
for (i in j){
pages[i] %>% image_write(., path = paste0("image",i,".png"), format = "png")


This would save each page as "image(page number).png" in your main directory file.

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