So I made a pretty cool hangman game with a text document that has all the possible words. Also a python file that was just functions for my main file to use. I want to send this to a friend who doesn't use python nor have any python stuff installed on their computer. I don't think pyinstaller will work because it is multiple files. Is there a way that I can get it working on computers without python?

Edit: I'm very new to all this stuff. Just a heads up


Depending on what version of python you used, there are several solutions:

  1. Check out py2exe (but afaik this is only a supported for python 2.7.x)
  2. pyinstaller
  3. cx_Freeze

All of them are pretty well documented.


As far as I understand, python is an interpreter not a compiler. As such any python file has to be INTERPRETED by the INTERPRETER. Unlike java and C++ where you could compile the code to an output file that is executable on multiple platforms.

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