I am trying to train an xgboost model using its external memory version, which takes a libsvm file as training set. Right now, all the data is stored in a bunch of csv files which combine together are way larger than the memory I have, say 70G.(you can easily read any one of them). I just wonder how to create one large libsvm file for xgboost. Or if there is any other work round for this. Thank you.


If you csv files do not have headers you can combine them with the Unix cat command.


> ls
file1.csv file2.csv
> cat *.csv > combined.csv

Now combined.csv is the concatenation of all the other files.

If all your csv files have headers you''ll want to do something trickier, like take the n-1 lines with tail.

XGBoost supports csv as an input.

If you want to convert that to libsvm regardless, you can use phraug's scripts.

  • Thanks for the answer, my understand is that libsvm is also a text file. Can I do the same cat thing on a bunch of libsvm files? – Eric He Nov 25 '18 at 0:43

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