How to create a c++ static library for UWP app?
How to link the above library to UWP app?


How to create a c++ static library for UWP app?

To Create a static library
1.) Open Visual studio 2017 -> New -> Project... ->
Visual C++ -> Windows Universal -> Static Library (Universal Windows) Your project need to contain two files. 1. yourLibrary.h, 2. yourLibrary.cpp
(I'm not sure if Static Library that is not UWP static library will work with UWP)
Example code for yourLibrary.h

#pragma once
int minus(int a, int b);
int mul(int a, int b);

Example code for yourLibrary.cpp

#include "pch.h"
#include "yourLibrary.h"
int minus(int a, int b){return a-b}
int mul(int a, int b){return a*b}

2.) On Solution Explorer on the left. Right click your projrct name-> Properties->vC/C++-> General-> Consume Windows Runtime Extension-> Yes(/ZW)(Why?)
3.) Build -> Build Solution
Your Static library is now located at your solution folder(folder that contain .sln)-> Debug-> yourSolutionName
You should have .lib .pdb .pri in this folder(.lib is your static library and I don't know what .pdb .pri is supposed to be)

How to link the above library to UWP app?

1.) Copy .h and .lib from your library project and place them some where under your project folder. e.g. TestApp(contain .sln)/TestApp(Contain .vcxproj)/Mylibrary
2.) In Visual Studio, Right click your project name -> Add -> Existing Item... -> add .lib and .h
3.) On pch.h, add this line #include "..\MyLibrary\yourLibrary.h"(I'm not sure if you can do this somewhere else)
And now you can use function minus() and mul() in your app.

I'm just geting into c++ and this is how I make it to work and I might did some unnecessary procedure above. So please correct me.

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