Question: How can I generate a random number in the interval [0,1] from a Gaussian distribution in Julia?

I gather randn is the way to generate normally distributed random numbers, but the documentation's description of how to specify a range is quite opaque.


Use the Distributions package. If you don't already have it:

using Pkg ; Pkg.add("Distributions")


using Distributions
mu = 0    #The mean of the truncated Normal
sigma = 1 #The standard deviation of the truncated Normal
lb = 0    #The truncation lower bound
ub = 1    #The truncation upper bound
d = Truncated(Normal(mu, sigma), lb, ub)  #Construct the distribution type
x = rand(d, 100) #Simulate 100 obs from the truncated Normal

or all in one line:

x = rand(Truncated(Normal(0, 1), 0, 1), 100)

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