I have been developing a little Air application which is now starting to get quite cumbersome to test manually. I've searched through the internet for a testing framework, but it seems as if all existing solutions assume you're using Flex.

What I am looking for a free testing framework/toolset for creating automated functionality tests for Adobe Air "Ajax" applications. Is it even possible?

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I'm in the same boat & would also like to find a solid way to test our (large) app properly (functional tests, we're already doing Unit Testing).

Okay, after some digging around (and haven't really tried it yet, so YMMV): http://corlan.org/2008/08/15/functional-testing-framework-for-air-ajax-apps-based-on-selenium/

There isn't much in the way of a HowTo on the web page, but if you download the .zip there is a nice .pdf document there to help you on your way.

Curious to know how well this works for others...

Cheers, -Chris

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