After the login to IBM Cloud using the CLI command ibmcloud login I got the following message:

Use 'ibmcloud target --cf' to target Cloud Foundry org/space interactively, or use 'ibmcloud target --cf-api ENDPOINT -o ORG -s SPACE' to target the org/space.

So I searched and find the format:

ibmcloud target [-r REGION_NAME] [-c ACCOUNT_ID] [-g RESOURCE_GROUP]
 [--cf] [-o ORG] [-s SPACE]

So I enter ibmcloud target - Dallas-c 1770253-g Default--cf-o lior2-s lior2. Is there somthing wrong with my format?

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    In the command as you posted it, almost everything is wrong. There is a single - before "Dallas", and no whitespace before -g, --cf, -o, and -s. I cannot tell if those problems were introduced when you wrote the question, or if that is actually the command you tried to execute. – Roland Weber Nov 21 '18 at 12:07

I recommend using the interactive format ibmcloud target --cf. Then you are prompted to select from valid values. Remember them and the next time use them as parameters. An example could be:

ibmcloud target -r us-south -g default -s lior2

The IBM Cloud docs for the CLI has examples for the target command.

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