I have problem with starting kettle job from server. I have simple job with one trasformation. Trasformation is saved in the repository server.

job in spoon

If i start job from Pentaho local machine, the job runs successful, but transformation didn't work.

Log(very detailed):

  • Spoon - Starting job...
  • Job_test - Start of job execution
  • Job_test - exec(0, 0, START.0)
  • START - Starting job entry
  • Job_test - Starting entry [simple_upsert]
  • Job_test - exec(1, 0, simple_upsert.0)
  • simple_upsert - Starting job entry - simple_upsert - Opening transformation: [null] in directory [/home/.../test]
  • simple_upsert - Loading transformation from repository [test_ms_sql] in directory [/home/.../test]
  • Job_test - Starting entry [Success]
  • Job_test - exec(2, 0, Success.0)
  • Success - Starting job entry
  • Job_test - Finished job entry [Success] (result=[true])
  • Job_test - Finished job entry [simple_upsert] (result=[true])
  • Job_test - Job execution finished
  • Spoon - Job has ended.

Transformation is valid and located in directory [/home/.../test]. I tested running from local machine and pentaho server. In both cases there are same strokes and transformation didn't performed. What does mean Opening transformation: [null]? Why job doesn't see transformation? Transformation exactly located in this directory, i browse it in settings transformation. Who know how it resolve?


I don't know if this will help because the only hint to this issue i found, is this forum post from 12 years ago. If you are working with Repositories it seems that everytime you save the KTR, it changes it's ID inside the Repository, so you'd have to re-link it everytime. I doubt this is still an issue, as this post is from Verison 2.2 or earlier. Hope it helps.

Other possible solution, which i doubt you missed this, is the KTR call coded in the Job step ? I've experienced a similar 'Null' pointer by trying to run a Job with an empty KTR call.

  • thank for reply. Forum's post i've read, unfortunately, it's not my case, i use pdi 8.0 version. And if miss path to transformation it'd error. In my case job run succesed. – Nelli Nov 21 '18 at 14:49

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