Is there a way to edit the content of a macro file programatically? I want to programmatically alter the content of my excel macros (saved in an XLSB file) and my outlook macros (saved in the default OPM file).

I regularly run a batch file on my colleagues' computers that updates overwrites their Excel and Outlook macros/ribbons with my own. After their files are updated, I'd like to edit the macros themselves on the user's local drive, replacing all instances of my name with theirs (there are a handful of email macros which presently contain my name in the closing salutation). I tried to force open the excel macros doc (XLSB) and the outlook macros doc (OPM) with Notepad so I could do a find/replace, but it couldn't read them. I would rather that I didn't have to open Excel or Outlook to do it, since those programs need to be closed in order to perform the update. Is there any type of program I could use to read and edit the macro text for either file or both? Or is there perhaps a way to extract the text from the files and dump it into notepad for the find/replace, then return it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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