I am trying to trigger lambda execution to execute an item on a FIFO queue. Other than polling, what options do we have to accomplish that? We just learned that we cannot directly trigger a lambda execution from a FIFO queue, which is only supported from the standard queue at this time. I also learned that we cannot subscribe an SNS topic to a FIFO queue – which is only supported on the standard queue as well.

Has anybody found a work around for this yet until Amazon releases an update?


Your only option here is to poll the queue at certain intervals.

You can create a CloudWatch event trigger that invokes a lambda function (lets say every 10 minutes) which polls the queue and does the processing.

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    I'm interested to know why Amazon does it like this, with my limited knowledge I believe it has something to do with the lambdas spawning multiple instances when called? So if you had them on a FIFO SQS you couldn't be sure that they items are being processed in order because they run async? Correct me if I'm wrong. – Frank Nov 21 '18 at 19:06
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    Yes. That is what I think is the reason. If there are more messages in your SQS, more lambda functions will be invoked behind the scene means more lambda instances polling the same queue so it becomes difficult to mange the sequential execution. – Asdfg Nov 21 '18 at 19:12
  • and that's weird, because what's the complexity of having the lambda function returning something like status 200 which would invoke the next message processing ? In my opinion if we have the standard SQS queue then we can't be sure how many lambdas are gonna be invoked for the incoming messages – Tony Mar 21 at 10:43
  • Ugh. Message groups could completely solve this problem -- and for the use case I'm exploring, would solve this problem. I need duplicate elimination and FIFO within a message group, but interleaving message groups in different lambdas is just fine (and desirable, actually). – Andrew May 7 at 14:48

SQS event sourcing does not do anything than pulling queue every second with long polling.

If you want everything in order; - Create a Cloudwatch event trigger for every second (as Asdfg suggested) - Set concurrency limit to 1 - Receive messages with long polling to reduce the cost

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