I'm using IBM Cloud Services, and I've created a Compose for MySQL service instance, and I can see it has 2 access portals. Both on the same location as the server (let's say US West).

I want to create a new instance, on another location (f.e Us East), and apply Replication Master-Slave configuration, so my first service act as a Master, and the second as a Slave.

As this services runs in the cloud, I can't reach configuration files, like my.ini files.

I've tried configuring 'server-id' global variable, from CLI as it's explained on MySQL Documentation but an error request me to have SUPER privileges (using 'admin' user). Running GRANT SUPER on mydb TO admin@....., throws 'Access denied' error.

I suppose admin user given, isn't allowed to modifiy global variables.

Is there a chance of making this viable?

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After some IBM consulting, their response:

Out-of-the-box, I don't think that's achievable with Compose for MySQL on the IBM Cloud. In addition, we don't permit customer configuration changes such as the one you are asking about. Is this what you are attempting to do? https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/AuroraUserGuide/AuroraMySQL.Replication.CrossRegion.html

Note that Compose for MySQL is still a beta product and is not recommended for production type data/use cases. Please see:

https://console.bluemix.net/catalog/services/compose-for-mysql (the information at the top left)

http://www-03.ibm.com/software/sla/sladb.nsf/pdf/6605-14/$file/i126-6605-14_08-2018_en_US.pdf (see section 3 on Service Level Agreements)

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