I have this:

colors = ["blue","brown","red","yellow","green"]


for color in colors:


for index in range(len(colors)):

what is the difference between using 1 and 2 ?

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    Do you get the same result when running each line? If not, there is your difference. – usr2564301 Nov 21 '18 at 22:42

When you say for color in colors: you are iterating over the items in the list.

for color in colors:

>>> "blue"
>>> "brown"
>>> "red"
>>> "yellow"
>>> "green"

If you iterate over indices you get:

for index in range(len(colors)):

>>> 0
>>> 1
>>> 2
>>> 3
>>> 4

You can get the two version together by using enumerate:

for c, color in enumerate(colors):
    print(c, color)

>>> 0 "blue"
>>> 1 "brown"
>>> 2 "red"
>>> 3 "yellow"
>>> 4 "green"
  • And you can get both with for index, color in enumerate(colors) – cricket_007 Nov 21 '18 at 22:45

With the first one you'll have access to local variable color within loop. It's also considered more pythonic.

With the second one you'll have access to the index instead which might be useful.

I'm not aware of performance difference but someone might be.

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