Is it possible to NOT show the popup notification of OneSignal and instead create one programmatically?


Ok so after some research i found it out and is pretty straightforward. here is the link to the offical doc on how to do it. OneSignal Android Customizations

There are few step to achieve it:

1- Create a NotificationExtenderServiceClass

 public class NotificationExtenderBareBonesExample extends NotificationExtenderService {
     protected boolean onNotificationProcessing(OSNotificationReceivedResult receivedResult) {
     // Read properties from result.

     // Return true to stop the notification from displaying.
     return true;

As you can see it's pretty clear, turning read to true will stop showing notifications. But what the docs doesn't says is that FCM will stop working and instead the notifications will pass here.

2 - add the service to Manifest

      <action android:name="com.onesignal.NotificationExtender" />

That's it. Now, adding your logic inside NotificationExtender you will be able to freely manage your notifications.

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