I have setup soap server in php file. It works fine. Bellow is my server.php file

// turn off WSDL caching

// model, which uses in web service functions as parameter
class Book
	public $name;
	public $year;

 * Determines published year of the book by name.
 * @param Book $book book instance with name set.
 * @return int published year of the book or 0 if not found.
function Ping()
	$book = new Book();
	$book->name = 'test';
	$book->year = '2011';

	return $book;

// initialize SOAP Server
$server=new SoapServer("ping.wsdl");

// register available functions
// $server->addFunction('Ping');
// $server->addFunction('Ping1');
// start handling requests

I moved this code to my project which is phalcon framework. The script ran successfully but when i am trying to load xml file by running this url http://localhost/MH/LX/api/book/book?wsdl. It give output same as http://localhost/MH/LX/api/book/book (Not xml output). I think ?wsdl is not working in phalcon framework. I also check get parameter($_GET), It gives output as it has key wsdl. So I think problem is in $server->handle();, It missed something for thats why ?wsdl is not working. Bellow is my phalcon code.

$app->get('/api/book/book',function() use ($app){
	$_GET = array('wsdl' => '');
	$server=new SoapServer(APP_PATH . "/soap/soap.wsdl", array('uri' => "http://lsapi.local/api/game/liw"));
	$server->soap_defencoding = 'utf-8';
	// register available functions
    print "SUCCESS";

Can you please someone help me to find out the issue?

Thanks in advance

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