I wished to have my video thumbnail show up as the first frame of my video. My solution was to begin the video on frame1 rather than frame 0 (code is below). This works great in Firefox and Chrome but IE wants to initialize the video on frame 0 which is empty. Is there a workaround so that all three browsers show the first frame thumbnail. I did try poster and that didn't work correctly across all browsers either. Any help would be appreciated. I used #t=1 to access the first frame.

    <video style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block; padding-bottom: 2em;" width="640" height="360" controls >
        <source src="_videos/My_Video.mp4#t=1" type="video/mp4" >

Thanks for your help.

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I can understand that you want to show the 1st frame as a thumbnail for the video. but its looks like it is not supported in Internet Explorer.

You had mentioned that you already use the poster attribute to display the thumbnail of the video but it didn't work correctly. Can you inform us what problem you are facing with poster? I try to make a test with poster on my side and it looks like it is working with IE.

Sample code:

<video controls

Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos, 
but don't worry, you can <a href="https://archive.org/details/BigBuckBunny_124">download it</a> 
and watch it with your favorite video player!



enter image description here


: The Video Embed element

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