How do you get the authentication contact info from azure ad b2c with the microsoft graph, I am looking to retrieve the email address.

I checked the documentation on Microsoft Graph API and could find no mention of how to get the Authentication Contact Info besides using PowerShell (learn.microsoft.com/en-za/azure/active-directory/authentication/…)


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As you mentioned it seems that there is no microsoft Graph API could get the authentication Contact Info Email.

But we could get that information with following API, I capture it with browser. It seems a litte hack.

Get https://main.iam.ad.ext.azure.com/api/UserDetails/{userId}

About how to get the access token, please refer to this blog.

Note: I don't find this API in the Azure official document. Please don't use it for product, you could use it for test.

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  • I actually need to use it for a product, the only way I saw you can get this information is to use powershell but I would want to use the graph api rather Nov 23, 2018 at 11:57

Based on this article, there are still some gaps between the Microsoft Graph API and the older Azure AD Graph API, but seems neither will fully retrieve what's required.

As of now, the following with get the Alternate Email field only from the "Authentication contact info" section using the Azure AD Graph API;

Register the Application in Azure AD

In the Azure Active Directory instance;

  • Register a new application (client_id)
  • Grant "Read all users' full profiles" permissions to Windows Azure Active Directory
  • Create a private key (client_secret) for the application

Authentication Flow

Reference: Service to Service Calls Using Client Credentials

Retrieve an access token


POST https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant id>/oauth2/token


  "client_id": "<client_id>",
  "client_secret": "<client_secret>",
  "resource": "https://graph.windows.net",
  "grant_type": "client_credentials"

User Authentication Contact Info

Reference: Basic operations on users

Get user


GET https://graph.windows.net/<tenant_id>/users/<user_id>?api-version=1.6


  "Authorization": "Bearer <access_token>"


    "otherMails": ["<Alternate Email>"],

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