Could anybody help me out with the best practice for changing views using reactiveUI and WPF.

At the moment I am closing a window and opening a new one, which to me seems like an ugly user experience, and rather hacky.

The concept is a login screen which directs to a new page after a successful login.

I don't know if I should have a main window that has different templates for each window and then bind to those.

As always, thanks for any tips!


This sounds like a good use-case for navigation. I would create a RoutedViewHost and Navigate from my LoginPageViewModel to my LogginErrorViewModel or LogginSuccesViewModel as appropriate. See the following references:

https://reactiveui.net/api/reactiveui/routedviewhost/ https://reactiveui.net/docs/handbook/routing/

And for a little deeper dive in a specific case:



  • Great, thanks a lot for the information! – James Wagstaff Nov 27 '18 at 15:29

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