I just started a Standard RedHat 7 VM on Azure.

I login and type:

sudo yum update

and get:

Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, search-disabled-repos
[Errno 14] curl#58 - "SSL peer rejected your certificate as expired."
Trying other mirror.
[Errno 14] curl#58 - "SSL peer rejected your certificate as expired."
Trying other mirror.

I thought that the PAYG license include updates? Or is the current image broken? Tried the 7.4 image too?

  • Take a look this. Maybe it's helpful. – Charles Xu Nov 23 '18 at 1:54
  • Also, you could run the command with root. – Charles Xu Nov 23 '18 at 2:11
  • This is also affecting me, Azure RHEL VM and it's only started happening in the past few days. I'm going to lodge a support ticket with Microsoft. – pickles Nov 23 '18 at 8:02

I also faced same issue yesterday. I referred to following links on Redhat Support Portal.

Though my problem didn't got resolved from the above post after following instructions as it is, after taking cue from the problem description, following worked for me. In my case, older version of "rhui-azure-rhel7" RPM was installed on VM I had setup few weeks back where I was facing same issue as yours.

curl -o azureclient.rpm https://rhui-1.microsoft.com/pulp/repos/microsoft-azure-rhel7/rhui-azure-rhel7-2.2-74.noarch.rpm
rpm -U azureclient.rpm

Hope this helps.

  • This is the correct answer. RHEL machines use client certificates to authenticate to to the Red Hat Update Infrastructure. That cert has expired and needs a manual update via the package rhui-azure-rhel7, and the exact version number gets updated over time. – Dave Mulford Nov 26 '18 at 16:40
  • 1
    Thanks! A more direct form worked for me too: rpm -Uvh https://rhui-1.microsoft.com/pulp/repos/microsoft-azure-rhel7/rhui-azure-rhel7-2.2-74.noarch.rpm – kim0 Nov 28 '18 at 22:38

I ran into this issue previously and the workaround provided by Azure support was to run the following commands:

wget  https://rhui-1.microsoft.com/pulp/repos/microsoft-azure-rhel7/rhui-azure-rhel7-2.2-74.noarch.rpm
sudo rpm -U rhui-azure-rhel7-2.2-74.noarch.rpm
sudo yum clean all
sudo yum repolist

I also encounter this issue from a few days. I found this thread:



Try run sudo yum upgrade and then you should be able to have this working

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