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Example byron = bYrOn

This is an old homework I'm looking over.

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    "".join([letter.upper() if letter in "aeiouy" else letter for letter in string])? – L3viathan Nov 22 '18 at 19:48
  • Alternative, without comprehensions: string.translate({97:65, 101:69, 105:73, 111:79, 117:85, 121:89}) – L3viathan Nov 22 '18 at 19:54

It is actually preety simple to turn all letters in a string to upper case!

just use the variable name and follow .upper() at the end e.g.



however, because you want to give only certain letters the "uppercase" status, you'd want to first assign all vowels:

vowels = set(['a','e','i','o','u'])

then use some python logic to do the rest:

for char in byron:
    if char in vowels:
        Word = Word.replace(char,(char.upper()))
print (Word) 

if you want to be quick just copy the code below as it is the complete code used to do your task:

vowels = set(['a','e','i','o','u'])
for char in Word:
    if char in vowels:
        Word = Word.replace(char,(char.upper()))
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