I am wanting to show a list of all users for a particular app in holochain to enable an active user to make an agreement with someone. What is a best practice for getting a list of all users given the linking nature of the data flow?

Would it make sense to create a central agent that links to all the users to get access to the full user list? Is there a way that seems better?

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Link from the DNA Hash (not recommended; read about anchors below)

Each user could link from the DNA hash to themselves in the genesis() function -- the DNA hash is the one hash on the DHT that everyone knows. Then all you need to do is getLinks(App.DNA.Hash, "user") to get them all. (watch out, it could get to be a huge list. I also feel bad for the poor nodes who are in the neighborhood of the DNA hash... that's a lot of metadata to store.

Doing this in Genesis

This can be done in the genesis function. I'll do it in old holochain-proto language, if you don't mind:

function genesis() {
    commit({ Links: [ { Base: App.DNA.Hash, Link: App.Key.Hash, Tag: "registered_user" } ] };

That will create a sort of 'registered agent' thing for each new person who joins.

The problem with this approach

it's a bit of an antipattern, because a redundant copy of the DNA lives in the DHT as well, and the poor souls whose nodes are in the DHT hash neighbourhood of the DNA will have a higher load than others. Right now I'd recommend anchors instead. Anchors are nothing but a pattern that consists of a string entry + a link. So you would create an anchor whose content is "registered_users", and link from that anchor to any agent who comes on board. Still creates a hotspot for those who hold the anchor entry, but it's expected that your app will have a few anchors like this, and at least they don't have to all hang off the one DNA hash.

Linking with Anchors

The anchors mixin (currently compatible with hc-proto only) features an idempotent function to create the anchor, so each user could safely call anchor() without re-creating an existing anchor.

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