We would like to simulate Imagemagick functionality, but only in Javascript. Do any libraries exist?

Specifically, the goal is to display thumbnails of images without distorting the thumbnail to the point where it is hardly resembles the original. This often happens with simple resizing via CSS.

One approach is to resize images on the server with Imagemagick.

The question is, if we don't want to store the thumbnails (because the originals are loaded from a third party which doesn't supply thumbnails), can we simulate Imagemagick's natural and high-fidelity resizing functionality with a Javascript library?



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3 years later I stumbled upon this question ;)

The fun fact is that imagemagick itself exists in javascript. But google (page1) and github somehow do not find it. Github fails because the main project (useful emscripten ports)

UNIX toolbox.js

just consists of the modules ...

Here is the main project with readme: github : manuels/unix-toolbox.js

git clone ... --recursive

and the particular module : github : manuels/unix-toolbox.js-imagemagick

  • life savior. Thanks for sharing
    – Titou
    Jun 30, 2020 at 16:16

You can try Processing.js library. On the other hand you can port ImageMagick resize functionality to HTML5/Canvas + Javascript technology.

good luck !

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